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Tropical Flower

Get to Know Us

The Devine and Assales family has lived on the Ananda Guesthouse property for over 15 years, raising multi generations of kids and grandkids. Farming and gardening is the staple activity on our estate and we take our mission for sustainability and eco friendly choices very seriously. As a small family owned business we are also personally invested in the health and wellbeing of the community of Bullet Tree Falls, and in our beautiful Belize. We raise chicken and grow a broad variety of tropical fruit trees and vegetables on the property.  Operating a greenhouse nursery we  propagate many of our own plants, maintain nature trails and preserve the diversity of medicinal plant and wildlife that we live alongside. It is our great honor to host people in the guest houses and love the positive vibes and energy the yoga, Maya healing, Nature trails, and spa brings to the place.  Come Visit we would love to get to know you 

P H O T O   &  V I D E O   A L B U M  

Mission Statement 

Ānanda (Sanskrit: आनन्द)   bliss or happiness.

The mission of Ananda Guesthouse and  Balance Point Wellness is to create spaces for healing, inspiration and reconnection; Promote ways to better connect with each other and the natural world; to recapture the rapture, our contentment, our sense of belonging, build our passions, and experience our natural born state of bliss. 

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