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Welcome to Beautiful Belize 

Tricks and tips


DOCUMENTATION AND VISAS **Passport Ready** Make sure your passport is up to date with at least 30 days left before expiration to enter Belize. Don’t forget to bring along your departure itinerary. Visas are issued upon arrival, usually granting a 30-day tourist pass. For more details, hop over to []( FLYING IN Welcome to Belize. Touching down? You'll likely land at Philip Goldson International Airport, just outside Belize City in Ladyville. From there, getting around is a breeze with options like buses, shuttles, or renting a car. CROSSING A LAND BORDER **Border Adventure** If you're crossing from Guatemala or Mexico, expect the same friendly entrance procedures you’d find at airports. Border crossings may take a bit longer than flying, but they come with their own charm, especially if you’re taking the bus. No need to worry about fees when entering Belize from Guatemala or Mexico. **Guatemala Crossing**If you’re coming from Guatemala, head to the Melchor de Mencos-Benque Viejo del Carmen crossing point. It's open from 6 AM to 10 PM. Fill out two immigration forms before crossing into Belize. For a smooth journey from Flores to San Ignacio, consider booking a shuttle with Mundo Maya. FAQs **Travel Light**: Once you've cleared customs, you can keep your passport safe in your room. Just carry a copy or a photo on your phone, including the picture page and entry stamp. Remember to secure your valuables and lock your room doors for peace of mind. **Travel Insurance** Traveling is full of surprises, so it's wise to have insurance. Whether it's covering accommodation, flight cancellations, lost luggage, or unexpected medical needs, a good policy has you covered. Check out []( for different plan options. **Stay Healthy** Luckily, you won't need any shots to visit Belize. Our little corner of paradise has minimal health risks. Still, it's a good idea to check your country’s recommendations, like the CDC in the US, for any health advice before you set off.

Getting Around 

**LOCATION**Where Are We?  Ananda Guesthouse & Cabanas nestles in the charming village of Bullet Tree Falls, Cayo District, Western Belize. Just a 3-minute stroll from the village center and a 10-minute drive to San Ignacio Town center. Situated on 14 acres of lush wooded rainforest with cultivated forest gardens. Check out our location on Google Maps at the bottom of the page.

**ABOUT BULLET TREE VILLAGE**Get to Know Bullet Tree**: This cozy village boasts a population of a few hundred and offers delightful swimming spots, a local bakery, a handful of restaurants, and a community football field. Only about 5 miles from San Ignacio and approximately 15 miles from the Guatemala border, Bullet Tree Falls is a peaceful retreat close to the bustling town life. San Ignacio, the second-largest town in Belize, is a cultural and economic hub with easy accessibility and numerous attractions.

**PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION** Collective Taxi Service**: Our local collective taxi service operates between Bullet Tree Village and San Ignacio throughout the day, offering a hassle-free ride right to our doorstep for just $5.00 per person. Look out for taxis with green license plates, a common sight in Belize.

 **Public bus** For a budget-friendly option, hop on the countrywide public transportation bus, affectionately known as the "Stop! Stop! Chicken Bus." While these buses are generally reliable, they can be crowded and time-consuming. However, they offer an immersive experience into Belizean culture and lifestyle. These buses run to and from San Ignacio Cayo to all major points in the country. It's a 3-hour journey from Belize City by public bus.

**Private shuttle company van service**  These companies service any destination in Belize. Several companies provide this service with advanced reservations, offering comfortable rides with AC and door-to-door service. We recommend Williams Shuttle Services for safe and convenient transportation around Belize.

**CAR RENTAL**Driving in Belize** While car rentals are a bit pricier than in other Central American countries, having your vehicle grants access to off-the-beaten-path destinations. Roads in Belize are generally manageable but can be rough. A four-wheel-drive vehicle offers more versatility, especially on potholed roads. No need for an international driver's license; your valid license from your home country suffices.

**Insurance Considerations**: Car rental agencies often require comprehensive insurance, which can be costly. Check with your credit card company about rental coverage specific to Belize. Some agencies may allow this option. For rental agencies, Flames Auto Rental in Cayo District and Crystal Auto Rental at Belize City airport are reliable options.

**GOOGLE MAPS LINK**: [Find Us on Google Maps](

**DRIVING DIRECTIONS** Lost? No Worries!**: If Google Maps fails or you miss a turn, fear not! Belizeans are friendly and always willing to give directions. Just ask, and you'll be back on track in no time.

Money Matters

* The US dollar is a two-to-one conversion on the street.  Although the US dollar is widely accepted, the bills themselves cannot have ANY rips or tears. Also note, it is also difficult to spend large bills like $50s or $100s, as many people will not have change
*Do I have to use the local currency? No you can pay with US dollars any where you go. In fact, there are  places that only accept cash so make sure you have some on hand particularly if you plan to visit the market or smaller local  shops and food venders. At the bigger hotels and tourist shops, always make sure you Ask if the prices are being listed in US dollars or in Belize dollars. It can make a world of difference to your budget
*Where do I change my money? It is difficult to get your money changed with a bank if you do not have an account with them. But, you do not really need to do this because every where accepts the US dollar bills. When you pay with US dollars you will get your change back in Belize dollars. Note that, when leaving the country, it may be hard to convert your Belize currency back to USD. There are some kiosks at international airports that will convert your Belize dollars back to US but this is expensive and you will loose a lot on conversion. So best to plan on spending the your Belize dollars here.
*Can I use an ATM/debit/credit card ?  Yes we accept them and most businesses do.  There are ATM machines at the Belize Banks sites and the Atlantic Bank sites that both will ATM cards.  If you do plan on using your ATM or Credit card Just make sure to let your bank know that you will be using the card in Belize. And always factor in the exchange rates and your banks fees, when deciding what form of payment to use. 

While staying with us

*When are your check in and check out times? Officially our check in time is any time after 3:00 p.m. and our Check out is 11:00 am. However, if we do not have other guests coming in or going out the same day as you, then we are very happy to extend those times to you at no charge. It is best to check to see ahead of time. We are happy to hold your bags for you when needed as well. * Is the guesthouse “Pet Friendly” No and yes. We are not able to invite you to bring your own, but we do have two very friendly dogs and a cat who are at your disposal if you need to get your fix! ( for those non-dog or cat lovers, they are happy to leave you in peace as well) * Is there WiFi? Yes. Mostly we encourage you to be unplugged as much as possible but We do supply WiFi. Although we do have a booster, The farther cabins may have a hard time with full-on uninterrupted streaming services *Is the accommodations air conditioned? YES. Even with the option, however, Many guests have a great experience allowing the jungle breeze to keep them comfortable and experience the amazing rainforest sounds. Along with ceiling fans the nights are usually very comfortable. *What are the meal options ? a light fresh delicious breakfast each morning, with fresh fruits, juices, bakery goods and hard boiled eggs is available upon request. 10$ usd per person Apart from the many choices of local restaurants in the village and in town We also preordered lunch options for US $ 30.00 per person. These delicious meals are prepared with love ans are all home style touches. and by reservation preordered only. we are also happy to offer all vegetarian and or vegan options. We strive to serve fresh, tasty, decadent and healthy meals using local ingredients We grow some of the foods we use, including our own fresh, organic free range chicken and duck eggs, as well as organic seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs. We also source our local weekly farmers market to bring in amazing fresh produce, dairy and seafood. *What types of restaurants are close by? We have a huge array of restaurants very close by. The closest ones are a two minutes drive away. Close by are restaurants that serve local cuisine, which is your typical rice and beans, protein and salad, as well as international fare like, wood fired pizza, Mexican, all the way up to five star resort restaurants serving great food and wines with live music. We have our favorites, and can steer you to what ever you like. *Is massage included in the price ? The short answer is no. Not unless you are coming with a group and or have purchased a package. We have Indoor airconditioned massage office and an outdoor jungle spa facilities and an array of treatment services for you to experience and offer a 10% discount on all spa and massage offered in the Wellness office. These must be booked separately. To insure that you are able to get the appointment times you need for your visit please visit Our website and book yours after you make your reservation with us *How Do I sign up For YOGA? Yoga classes are all held at the Ananda Pavilion to the back of the property. a short walk from the guesthouse. We have weekly regularly scheduled classes open to the public which you are welcome to join. Please sign up the day before for the regular group classes. These se For a private session which can include up to 4 people in your party, it is 80.00usd. The private sessions can be booked at any time. just let us know. please visit the webpage for yoga schedule *When do we have our massages, Healing sessions or spa treatments? We will schedule your massages around your schedule of activities. If you plan to spend the day on tour, then I will most likely suggest that you have a late afternoon massage. If you plan to spend the whole day here with us, then it is completely up to you. Some have even scheduled a morning and afternoon session. We do however plan to finish up our massage appointments by 6:00 pm. If your are staying with us for only a short stay we recommend booking your sessions before you arrive so that you can make sure to get the time slots you need to receive the treatment *Are there walking trails on the property? Yes, we have a trail system on the property, and it begins at the Main Reception area. We also offer a guided tour of the medicinal plants on the property hosted by a traditional medicine man fromt he village. these tours are $30.00usd and can be booked through the office *What types of wildlife will I see? Lots! We are teaming with wild life. Howler monkeys and agouties, toucans and hummingbirds abound. The jungle is rambunctious and often invades the accommodations. But We have Great bird watching !!!! Occasionally a hummingbird will wiz by your head, You can watch ants march around and butterflies and bees collect pollen. the frogs will sing you to sleep.


What To Pack

* Proper footwear is a must. sandals and flip-flops don't work for waterfalls and caves. Hiking shoes on the beach are not right either.
*The sun is powerful here, Bring sun screen and hats. Use them. 
*Single use Plastic is seriously awful. And technically, a crime here. Carry a water bottle fill up often. It is hot here for much of the year and you need to stay hydrated. 
* Almost any medicine you will need is "over the counter"  but  be sure to pack your prescription medicine and not expect to find your brand here.   Go to the pharmacist first if you get sick.
*The green alcohol makes the bug bites' stings stop and is a great disinfectant
* Although it sounds counter intuitive: Pack long pants ... many things sting bite and stab ... 
*bring bug spray. 
* a small flash light is always useful
* For your devises:  Belize uses 110 volt, 60 cycle electricity, same as the US. Plugs are typically the 2 pronged flat type so US travelers will not typically need a converter or adapter. Outlets rarely have 3 holes so if your device has a third prong, bring an adapter.
*wet wipes may save the day in the public bathroom setting.
When traveling in Belize it helps to adopt the attitude of “Go with the flow”  The expression in creole   "soon come",  is not a time indication but a practice in patience.   So be flexible Don't depend on your timeline, Belize hurries for no one. 

 Out and about in the Cayo District In Belize 

​*What activities are in the area? There are so many fun amazing and wonder filled things to do it is not possible to be bored.. unless you want to be . Our area is famous for its amazing adventure travel excursions,  Cave tubing, Mayan ruins, zip lining, canyoning, horseback riding, nature hikes, bird watching,  Iguana hatchery tour, night hikes, rapture center,  chocolate factory, Belizean cooking excursions…  and more. We can recommend the best guides based on our own experience and can arrange for them to pick you up and drop off daily at the Guesthouse.   *Should I book my tours ahead of time or when I get there? There is something very comforting about having the tours all booked before arrival and during the busy seasons (winter and spring) given a short visit time you may want to explore booking them before you come. We are happy to help you with that when you get here if that suits you more. It is also nice to let it be spontaneous. There is always fun to be had. If you wish to explore some of the options here are few tour companies have had good reputations for safty and guides Pacz tours- good for ATM Cave or any one of the Maya Ruins. And greadt food tour. reputable and well established. Well trained guides. Pick up for free at guesthouse Cayo inland adventure Tours. Safe and experienced good for ATM, maya ruins, womens maya collective culture tour. Pich up for free at the guest house St. Leonards Stables and Tours. Good company for horse back riding particularly to the ruins of xunantunich. Pick up for free at guesthouse Maya Walk Tours. Well established and reputable company good for a t m and maya ruins with cave adventures. Charge for pick up at guest house Martz Farm Lodge Tours. on the Vaca Dam road out side of Benque. They give horseback riding adventure Tours and a fabulous pontoon boat ride on the Vaca dam Lake. Pick up in town is extra charge. *Can we swim in the river?  Yes!!! (well most times …it does get high and can be unadvisable for swimming in rainy season June through September ) The river is a short 3 min walk from the guest house. We have tubes you can rent to float around and great swimming spots with water falls and sandy banks,. Nice restaurants on the river to have some food for a great way to spend a day! *How far are you from the Mayan ruins? We happen to be extremely fortunate in that we are living on ancient Mayan lands and the whole Ananda property is littered with Mayan pottery and history. Apart from that we have several excavated Mayan sites that are within 15 minutes drive (Cahal Pech  ) and Xunantuich Ruin in the Sucutz Village ( ) We work with several local tour guides who can take you to and from these sites if you would like to have a guide. *What is the difference between the rainy season and dry season ? Belize has two seasons, green/ rainy season between March and October and summer, or dry season between October and March . *Do I have to know how to speak Spanish? If you do, that is great, but it is not at all necessary.  If you speak English, then you will get along just fine in the area. all locals,  speak English. It is in fact the national language of Belize. The other widely spoken language on the street is Belizean creole. *This  is an English derived dialect similar to what is spoken in Jamaica and other Caribbean islands.  We also have some guides who speak a few other languages as well. SO be sure to request it if you have other linguistic needs.  *Can you drink the water and eat fruits and vegetables? NO and yes. The tap water here is clean ok for brushing teeth and dishes but not potable. it is safer  to drink bottled water. We do include a large bottled water dispenser in your accommodations.  The same goes for vegetables and fruits. You can eat anything here and not worry about getting sick from it. *Should I bring My Own Booze ? If you’d like to, then yes, you should consider picking some up before arriving. Alcohol is more expensive here, so we suggest stopping in at the duty free shop if you would like to have some in accommodations. In Belize airport, you can pick it up after you get off of the plane which is pretty convenient. After you go through passport control and just before baggage claim there is a good duty free store. The local rums are world famous ! And if you are a connoisseur your in the right place. Wines are expensive and hard to find in the country. If you are a wine drinker I recommend bringing some with you the boxes of wine are easy and safe to pack.  or purchasing it at the airport. If you forget, or choose not to pick some up ahead of time, then there are plenty of local shops close by.

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