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WELCOME GUESTS!! We are happy you are here!

The following is contact information, travel tips, and house rules. 

We hope you enjoy your stay with us! Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need anything


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In Case of and Emergency

FIRE OR EARTHQUAKE In the event of a Fire or earthquake, run through the either the front or back exit of your cabana and follow pathways to gather in the guest parking lot. IN case of a medical or unspecified emergency please call the appropriate number, and contact Management immediately

Medical emergency plan (including CoVID19 related emergencies) Management lives on property and there is always someone on site who can assist you in case of any emergency. 27/7.  PLEASE NOTE: There is an emergency alert Bell at the entrance of the reception area at the guesthouse. If you can not locate anyone in case of an emergency, please ring the bell loudly and someone will immediately assist.

FOR MEDICAL EMERGENCY : Should your health deteriorate and become an emergency, we will assist in calling the local health clinic to arrange an ambulance and or transportation. In the case that you should develop a fever or signs of ANY sever illness while staying at Ananda Guesthouse, please inform us immediately. Please contact management directly via whatapp at Ph #(501)628-8042 or phone #  501-639-9175

                        EMERGENCY NUMBERS                        

Local Fire station 501-804-4208

Police San Ignacio # 501-804-2022

Tourism Police # 501-610-4349 / 4449

Hospital of San Ignacio # 501-824-2167/ 804 2066

Belize Emergency Response Team (BERT) # 501-223-3292 / 0078

For Local Ambulance service call the hospital # 824-2066

Belize Diagnostic Center # 501-613 8378

OneCare Pharmacy and Medical Lab, Bullet Tree Falls   614-4961


Please Make note

  • Our septic systems are delicate. Please do not flush anything but toilet paper down the toilet.

  • When turning on your AC (if you have it in your unit) please ensure all windows and doors are properly closed.

  • To operate the AC remote it is easier to just use the turn ”on” and “o”ff button and the “up” and “down” temp arrows and not mess with the other settings. It is hard to reprogram them.

  •  Please, For the health of the planet as well as our bill, make sure to turn off  ALL lights and AC Units when you leave or when they are not needed. Thank you, we really appreciate your diligence in this matter!

  • We do not envision any problems, but it is better to be safe than sorry. So… Please lock up your units before you leave. We are NOT responsible for anything lost or stolen out of your unit.

  • If you loose your room key there is a $20 bzd replacement fee.

  • Please be sure to close all food containers and not leave food out or uncovered. It’s a jungle out there and the ants and other critters will find it. Thanks

  • If you have extra garbage please make sure to tie up the bag tightly and put in our outdoor trash reciprocals.

  • Please hang up all towels and wet cloths after use.  Its is the tropics and things mold fast!!

  • Our laundry service is $10usd or $20bzd per load any size. Payable upon your check out.  Please give us 12 hours to get it through our laundry system.

  • For safety also, particularly if you are traveling alone, please let us know what your agenda is, and if you are planning to be out late at night, please let us know so we can keep the lights on for you. We are very responsive on WHATSAPP so if you have not already done so please save the Guesthouse phone number into your phone and send us a contact message so we can be InTouch. 501-628-8042

  • We are here to help please do not hesitate to ask for assistance.


  • We have regularly scheduled Yoga classes held at our beautiful Ananda Pavilion at the back of the property you are welcome to join. The pavilion is a short walk from the guesthouse. Please follow the signs from the main parking lot. Please sign up the day before for the regular group classes. These sessions are 15bzd per person This can be added to your final accommodations bill. a private session which can include up to 4 people in your party, it is $80 bzd.00usd. The private sessions can be booked at any time. just let us know. please visit the webpage for yoga schedule

  • You are welcome to use the yoga pavilion when there is no classes in session. See the site map for directions to get there. It is a great birdwatching place. Be sure to turn off all lights and fans after you are done. It is on solar and will burn out the system if these things are left on. Thank you

  • We also have massages services, Healing sessions or spa treatments at the Balance Point Wellness office right on site.   We can schedule your session around your schedule of activities.    If you plan to spend the day on tour, then I will most likely suggest that you have a late afternoon massage but we have appointments available starting at 9am to 6pm throughout the week. Please visit the website for more information on treatment options and prices

  • What types of wildlife will I see?     Lots! We are teaming with wild life. Howler monkeys and agouties, toucans and hummingbirds abound. Occasionally a hummingbird will wiz by your head, You can watch ants march around and butterflies and bees collect pollen. the frogs will sing you to sleep. Keep your eyes and ears peeled, the jungle is rambunctious and often invades the accommodations. We also have great bird watching at the Ananda Pavilion particularly early in the morning. If you would like to barrow binoculars we have them available!!!! 

  • Have I mentioned the ANTS? Wear close-toed shoes when walking in the jungle, bug spray is advised (we have some available in the office if you did not bring it) and LOOK DOWN, watch where you are standing! They will sting.

  • The walking trails on the property are a fun adventure and opportunity to connect with jungle nature.  The property is 10 acers and is all fenced in. Please stay inside the fence line and on the trails. If you are interested in Maya history or plant medicine, we offer a guided tour of the medicinal plants on the property hosted by a traditional medicine man from the village. these tours are $50 bzd and can be booked through the office. It is also good to get the tour If you are nervous about getting lost.

  • Swimming in the river.  Yes!!! (well most times …it does get high and can be unadvisable for swimming in rainy season June through September ) Please make sure you are a confident and strong swimmer and/or wear a life jacket. We have several different sizes available for loan in the office. Please ask.

  • The river is a short 3 min walk from the guest house Take a left outside the gate and walk until you see the sign for MAHOGANY HALL. This is a nice place to swim and hang. There are lots of local family activity on the weekends down by the river. We have tubes in the office, you can barrow to float around and great swimming spots with water falls and sandy banks and nice restaurants on the river to have some food for a great way to spend a day!


  • Ananda Guesthouse offers a continental breakfast option for $ 20.00 bzd per person. Served for you any time between 6am and 10am Please sign up the day before. We offer a lunch service for 40.00 per person and dinner is $50.00bzd per person. these are all preordered please message us to ask about menu options and indicate if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies. 

Our advice for dining in Belize:

In most restaurants, If it's on the menu, that doesn't mean it's available.  No meal is served at the same time. Wait at your own risk. : Learning to like your beverage warm is useful. Because it happens quickly. No matter what they say... It is never butter... It's always margarine. And when all else fails, A squeeze of Lime or a little Maria Sharp hot sauce can make almost everything better.  

Eat at roadside food places market vendors, Shack and stall food. they are the best you will ever have. And the cheapest. Go to the farmers' market Particularly the Saturday market. Ask questions. Have whatever they serve. Try the food. Pupusas are awesome!  

Restaurants in the Bullet Tree village, We recommend  and distance from the guest house

French bakery. 1/4 mile village center. By bus stop, next to Chens supermarket. Good for breakfast and snacks. serves coffee and bakery goods.


Mahogany Hall.   1/4 mile  Limited menu. A bit pricy Nice atmosphere. right on the River side view


Remos Roadhouse Sports bar. 1mile. As you are leaving the village on the left side. Good bar food. Lively expat patrons.

Smoothie shack 1/3 mile  Beside the football ball field. Inexpensive. Loud music. Basic menu.


Vanilla Hills Resort- 3 senses- 3 miles. Great food. Pricey. Great atmosphere

Restaurants in San Ignacio Town we recommend

Ko ox hanna   - 6 miles - Great food. Big menu. Something for everyone. Right down town in san ignacio town. open 7 days a week

Guava limb restaurant- 6 miles  - closed monday - Great food- nice atmosphere right down town san ignacio town

Obsidian Restaurant–  Next to Cahal Pech Maya Ruins and great view of the town


Lolas restaurant - 6 miles - great view of san ignacio nice local food menu

Benny's kitchen -10 miles on western highway, toward the boarder. in the village of sucutz
GREAT local food. Good prices.  by Xunantunich Ruins



  • If you have your own car rented google maps is usually pretty accurate, if you have data  or Wi-fi. Remember to Drive like a Belizean. explore, stop, seek out.  Don't park under coconut palm and take note that the yellow lines and stop signs are only suggestions here. Be cautious but not afraid

  • If you are without a vehicle, our Local Bullet Tree taxi services run collective taxis every 15 minutes from the center of the village to san ignacio town. You can catch these taxis at the bis stop or if you have bags or it is raining we can call one to pick you up at the The Ananda Guest House and take you to San Ignacio town. This taxi service is a collective taxi meaning they will pick up other passengers on the way and cost 3- 5$  bzd. Per person. If you would like them to take you off the regular route they will add an additional charge.  ALL TAXI 's have a green licence plate.

  • We are happy to call and arrange your transportation to town when ever you need.

  • For a private taxi service to town or around Cayo the charge is usually 20- 30 bzd per person and will vary depending on where you are going. We are happy to call you a taxi to take you to town anytime you need. Please bare in mind that Sundays are hard to get a taxi and after 6pm the taxi prices thriple.

  • For transportation needs beyond Cayo, to the international airport or to others parts of Belize,  we recommend Williams shuttle They are trustworthy, efficient and clean. We are happy to help you with arrangements if you need.



There are so many fun amazing and wonder filled things to do it is not possible to be bored… unless you want to be!

In San Ignacio Town

Here are a list of fun and interesting activities to do within in san ignacio town all east to walk to even if you dont have a car. 

Cahal Pech ruins is a Sweet little Maya ruin site right in the center of the town. With a little museum to visit. Cahal Pech resort is  nearby and offers a good restaurant with a view and options for swimming in their pool. Doable adventure for kids.

Iguana hatchery conservation project A fun little tour right in town at the san ignacio hotel. Nice way to support the local effort for conservation and experience the baby iguanas. 

Ajaws Chocolate factory tour is a marvelous adventure. Demonstrations on how kakao is prepared and a tasting Included. Right downtown in san ignacio

San Ignacio market open Everyday is a fun adventure for seeing local local culture and experiencing street food which we encourage you to try. Is particularly active on saturdays.

Out and about in the cayo district area. easy drive.

Butterfly farm at ChaCreek. Nice natural history museum and tour. Great kids activity. Chaa creek resort has a nice restaurant and a pool for patrons.

Belize botanic gardens. Close to chaa creek butterfly farm. Tours are very informative. Lovely hiking trails. Offer fun cultural activities like making tamales in their maya hit fire hearth kitchen. Great for kids.

Oxmul coffee plantation.
Great stop on the way to pine ridge. Nice tour and gift shop.

Maya Belize traditional cooking classes and pottery making demonstration. With the san Antonio Womens collective. Really fun cultural experience.
Contact them on facebook to book your reservation/ tour.


We happen to be extremely fortunate in that we are living on ancient Mayan lands and the whole Ananda property is littered with Mayan pottery and history. As you walk the nature trails around the property you may very well encounter bits of pottery and shards. Do not remove or carry away any of the pottery you find on the ground. You are invited to pick them up and touch but please remember to return them to the ground.

 Caracol Our largest excavated site in Belize. its a full days adventure and we recommend



Cahal Pech right in town any taxi in town can bring you up to the main entrance for a small  fee. 

 Xunantunich Ruin in the Succutz Village.

try tour company for Xunantunich

Xunantunich on horseback is an amazing adventure: 

Tikal  it is an exciting adventure over the boarder that takes you to Tikal. Guatemala although not very far as the birds fly it feels like a world apart from Belize. indeed a whole new language and culture awaits. if you wish to travel to Tikal be prepared to cross a boarder with all the appropriate passports and documents for your vehicle if you have one.  here is a good company to try if you are wanting to book a tour

Contact Us Anytime

Management and Guesthouse:  Tel (WhatsApp): 501-628-8042  

For Booking and cancellation Policies visit Website

Rental fees: please see your reservation agreement and refer to our website.

              Please be reminded that you will be charged  a 9% GST tax upon check out.

WIFI:   The guesthouse: User name is YARD password is:  jamie678   (no caps)        

             The Villa: User name and password are pinned to the refridge door

CHECK IN:  3PM -7pm             CHECK OUT:   Before 11am        


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